Career Fair Placement Preparation for Current AE Students

How to Prepare a Professional AE Resume

A resume is a formal business document that represents you—your knowledge, skills, and experiences - to a potential employer. Be certain it’s accurate, relevant, and professional. Use the strategies below to help you craft a resume that will get you noticed! For more detailed information on resumes, see the links at the bottom of the page.

Resume Quick Tips

  • Undergraduate student resumes should be one page long.
  • Use the formal name of the University: The Pennsylvania State University, not Penn State. In addition, the University’s address is University Park, PA, not State College, PA.
  • When citing your degree, you are earning a bachelor of architectural engineering or an integrated bachelor's and master of architectural engineering.
  • Use bullet points to describe your experience rather than paragraphs. Be direct and brief; 1-2 lines maximum per bullet point.
  • Begin your descriptions with a verb.
  • Highlight accomplishments and responsibilities that are directly related to the job/internship.
  • Don’t include personal information (other than your contact information) or personal characteristics in your resume.
  • Generally, third-year students should have enough college-level material to remove all high school citations.
  • Make sure your spelling, punctuation, and grammar are flawless.

Resume Formatting

  • Use a standard font, like Times New Roman or Calibri, throughout your entire resume, no smaller than 10pt.
  • Heading fonts may be larger and bolded, if desired, for emphasis and readability.
  • Margins should be at least ½ inch on all sides.
  • Formatting, including line spacing, should be consistent throughout your entire resume.

Below are links to two sample AE student resumes to assist you with your resume preparation. There are many other examples on the Career Services website and on the internet. We suggest a traditional format unless you’re entering a design field, where a subtle and professional creative flair may enhance your resume.

For additional information about writing resumes and interviewing, use the links below.

General Resources

College of Engineering Career Resources and Employer Relations

Penn State Career Services Guide

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