Career Fair Placement Preparation for Current AE Students

How to Prepare a Penn State AE Résumé

The links below provide you with access to two sample architectural engineering résumés. These résumé samples primarily concentrate on content, particularly those items specifically related to AE (such as your correct degree name) and our experience with AEC firms over the years. You should look at the many other résumé samples available on the web for ideas on how to make your résumé look and read better.

Most of our employers do not electronically scan and search résumés so you can forget the rigid formats necessary for that activity and add a little more “flair” and individuality. However, it must be done well and in a professional manner. Also, remember that the number one cause for job interview rejection is a poor quality resume — especially those that include typos. A recent USA Today fact survey indicated that 40 percent of companies decide not to consider an applicant based on one typo and another 36 percent are rejected if two typos are found. Follow the three Rs, just like in grade school only in this case: READ, REVIEW AGAIN, REVISE.

REMEMBER: Due to the early date of the Career Fair and with some companies requesting résumés in advance, many of you will need to have your résumés prepared prior to your return to Penn State. Watch for messages from staff in the AE department for those categories of students who will need to submit résumés in advance.

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