Penn State AEI Student Design Competition Teams

AEI Student Design Competition

Each year, teams representing the Department of Architectural Engineering at Penn State compete in the AEI Student Design Competition, an annual design competition specifically for architectural engineering programs to highlight and showcase the value of collaboration, competition, and peer review. The competition is sponsored by the Architectural Engineering Institute of ASCE. 

2022 Penn State Team Members

  • Makaela Bigley, Team Leader (Integration, Mechanical)
  • Alexis Sheeto (Integration, Mechanical)
  • Thomas Levkulic (Integration, Mechanical)
  • Jenna Mozi (Integration, Construction)
  • Reece Waugerman (Integration, Construction)
  • Abby Turkowski (Integration, Electrical)
  • Katelyn Wertz (Integration, Electrical)
  • Kyle McKelvey (Integration, Structural)
  • Nathan Paszek (Integration, Structural)
  • Shane Kelly (Integration, Structural)

To learn more about the competition, please see the AEI Student Design Competition webpage.


Since the competition’s inception in 2010, 16 teams from Penn State’s Department of Architectural Engineering have competed. Six teams have won first-place finishes in the building integration category, the highest honor awarded at the competition.

The 2022 student teams earned first place wins in four core categories—including the building integration category—and second place in the electrical category. For more details about the success of the 2022 team, please view the 2022 Award Winners page.


  • First place: 7
  • Second place: 5
  • Third place: 1


  • First place: 3
  • Second place: 4
  • Third place: 1


  • First place: 7
  • Second place: 3
  • Third place: 1


  • First place: 8
  • Second place: 4
  • Third place: 1

Design Innovation

  • First place: 3

Building Integration

  • First place: 6
  • Second place: 4
  • Third place: 2


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