Building Energy Solutions

Faculty in the Penn State Department of Architectural Engineering conduct fundamental research on building energy systems to improve their efficiency during regular operations and resilience against disruptions. Specific research topics include building energy management and controls; combined heat and power (CHP) systems, hybrid (CHP + Solar PV + Storage) distributed energy systems; optimized water-side free-cooling for data centers; smart grid operation; the application of microgrids for communities; cybersecurity of critical infrastructure; and sustainable energy transmission and distribution. They also study the installation, commissioning, and operation of microgrids and localized energy networks, as well as the control and optimization of renewable energy sources for buildings and communities.

Research labs focused on this research area:

  • Building 7R Hybrid Energy System – Penn State Navy Yard Facilities
  • Building 661 – Penn State Navy Yard Facilities
  • Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation Network Operating Center – Philadelphia Navy Yard
  • Sustainable Buildings and Societies Laboratory

Current research in progress includes the following:

(funding bodies in parentheses; Penn State architectural engineering faculty names bolded)



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