Engineering Education

Researchers in this area develop, test, refine, and implement innovative teaching methods for K-12 outreach, undergraduate, and graduate engineering education. Some such methods include developing active and collaborative hands-on learning scenarios; studying the effects of delivery techniques on student comprehension and application of knowledge; guided independent studies; interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary coursework; and dynamic curricular development that keeps course offerings in line with current industry trends. K-12 outreach initiatives seek to assess and increase interest and participation of underrepresented students in engineering career paths.

Current research in progress includes the following:

(funding bodies in parentheses; Penn State architectural engineering faculty names bolded)

  • Research experience for teachers site: Building education (National Science Foundation), Somayeh Asadi, Sez Atamturktur
  • Conceptualizing steel gravity system educational materials (American Institute of Steel Construction), Ryan Solnosky
  • Activating and engaging architectural engineering First-Year Seminars (Leonhard Center for the Enhancement of Engineering Education), Ryan Solnosky, Sez Atamturktur
  • Examining uptake and retention of engineering and computational knowledge while infusing computation and data science into curricula (start-up funding), Rebecca Napolitano, Nathan Brown, Yuqing Hu, Ryan Solnosky, Wesley Reinhart, Allen Kimel
  • Implementing a writing to learn approach for conceptual understanding with GIKS (pending support from National Science Foundation), Roy Clariana, Ryan Solnosky
  • Integrated delivery of ultra-high-performance buildings (U.S. Department of Education), Robert Leicht
  • Augmenting algorithmic thinking for the engineers of the future through a modular robotic-based programmatic learning approach (start-up funding), Houtan Jebelli
  • Student Design Build Competition (NCMA Foundation), Aly Said
  • Engineering Education Pilot Program: Increasing STEM career awareness and readiness at a low-income high school (College of Engineering ROCKET Seed Grant and Penn State Talent Search), Linda Hanagan


Widely acknowledged as one of the top Architectural Engineering programs in the world, the Penn State AE Department is dedicated to providing outstanding academic excellence to all of our students. The AE program is focused on preparing students and conducting research in the design, engineering, and construction of building projects.

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