Graduate Courses

AE 401Design of Steel and Wood Structures for Buildings 

Application of principles of engineering mechanics to layout, analysis, design, and detailing of structural elements in steel and wood of simple buildings. 
Prerequisite: AE 221AE 222AE 308  

AE 402Design of Concrete Structures for Buildings 

Application of principles of engineering mechanics to layout, analysis, design, and detailing of structural elements in concrete of simple buildings. 
Prerequisite: AE 221AE 222AE 308  

AE 403Advanced Steel Design for Buildings 

Continuation of AE 401. Advanced analysis, design, and detail of the structural elements in wood and steel.  
Prerequisite: AE 401AE 430  

AE 404Building Structural Systems in Steel and Concrete 

Basic analysis, design, and detailing of steel and concrete structural elements for buildings, emphasizing systems design and comparisons. AE 404 is not permitted for AE Structural Option students or for Architecture students. 
Prerequisite: AE 221AE 222AE 308  

AE 421Architectural Structural Systems I 

Qualitative and quantitative analysis and design of architectural structures, force flow; structure configurations; measurement and experiments; design studio critique. 
Prerequisite: AE 210 3 credits in mathematics  

AE 422Architectural Structural Systems II 

Continuation of A E 421, with emphasis on structural configuration and construction assemblies. 
Prerequisite: AE 421  

AE 424Environmental Control Systems I 

Fundamental principles and applications of environmental systems in buildings. This course is intended for Architecture students. 
Prerequisite: AE 211  

AE 430Indeterminate Structures 

Classical methods of analysis for beams, frames, arches, and secondary stresses as applied to buildings; introduction to modern methods.  
Prerequisite: AE 308  

AE 431Advanced Concrete Design for Buildings 

Continuation of A.E. 402. Advanced analysis, design, and detail of concrete masonry, prestressed and reinforced concrete. 
Prerequisite: AE 402AE 430  

AE 432Design of Masonry Structures

Analysis and design of unreinforced and reinforced masonry: non-bearing walls, bearing walls, shear walls, masonry building systems. 
Prerequisite: AE 402 or CE 341  

AE 439Modern Structural Systems 

Analysis and design of building structures of unusual types. 
Prerequisite: AE 401AE 402AE 430  

AE 444Micro CADD Applications for Buildings

Application of microcomputer based CADD systems to architectural engineering problems including graphics, system customization, and AI programming techniques. 
Prerequisite: AE 222CMPSC 201 or CMPSC 202  

AE 453Load and Energy Use Simulations for Buildings 

Course examines measurement and mathematical modeling techniques for predicting and determining energy use of whole buildings and important subsystems. 
Prerequisite: AE 310AE 454  

AE 454Advanced Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning 

Engineering design and performance analysis procedures for complex commercial building systems, including energy conservation techniques; design project. 
Prerequisite: AE 310  

AE 455Advanced Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning System Design 

Design of several different systems for a course project building; control strategy; economic comparisons using life-cycle cost techniques. 
Prerequisite: AE 454  

AE 456Solar Energy Building System Design

Solar radiation, collectors, and thermal storage; design and analysis of a heating system using system-simulation computer program. 
Prerequisite: seventh-semester standing in Engineering  

AE 457HVAC Control Systems

Theory of automatic control. HVAC control applications. Control system components, control loops, development and documentation of control logic, control commissioning. 
Prerequisite: AE 454  

AE 458Advanced Architectural Acoustics and Noise Control 

Advanced consideration of noise control in buildings; ventilating system noise and vibration; acoustic design variables. 
Prerequisite: AE 309  

AE 461Architectural Illumination Systems & Design 

Lighting units & photometry; lighting equipment; design criteria, calculation methods; the design process; energy codes. 
Prerequisite: AE 311  

AE 464Advanced Architectural Illumination Systems & Design 

Flux transfer theory; advanced lighting and control systems; emergency lighting; daylighting; visual performance issues; psychological aspects of lighting. 
Prerequisite: AE 461  

AE 466Computer Aided Lighting Design 

Design and analysis for outdoor area; floodlighting; and interior applications, including design criteria; economic analysis; modeling algorithms; and visualization. 
Prerequisite: AE 444AE 461  

AE 467Advanced Building Electrical System Design 

Design of electrical systems for commercial and industrial facilities emphasizing design practice and integration with codes and standards. 
Prerequisite: AE 311EE 211  

AE 469Photovoltaic Systems Design and Construction 

Criteria and analysis methods pertaining to the design and construction of photovoltaic (PV) systems and their integration with buildings. 
Prerequisite: EE 210 or EE 211  

AE 470Residential Building Design and Construction

Managerial aspects; architectural and code considerations; cost estimating, design, and construction of structural, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems. 
Prerequisite: AE 372 or CE 332 ; seventh-semester standing in Architectural Engineering or Civil Engineering  

AE 471Construction Management of Residential Building Projects 

Understanding residential project planning, management, contracts, budget, administration, and execution; discussion of the life cycle of a residential construction business. 
Prerequisite: 6th semester standing  

AE 472Building Construction Planning and Management

Construction organization and contracts; preconstruction services; estimating; scheduling; cash flow; site planning and preparation; building construction sequences; construction business presentations; value engineering. 
Prerequisite: seventh-semester standing in Architectural Engineering  

AE 473Building Construction Management and Control

Building construction project planning; construction cost, schedule, quality and safety control systems; project cost accounting; change management; construction company management. 
Prerequisite: AE 472  

AE 474Building Construction Estimating 

Construction estimating and cost engineering fundamentals; quantity take off; pricing, bid preparation; estimating, cost accounting by computer. 
Prerequisite: AE 372  

AE 475Building Construction Engineering I 

Project planning, supervision, inspection of architectural and structural operations in major buildings; mobilization, coordination of trades; offsite testing and fabrication. 
Prerequisite: AE 372  

AE 476Building Construction Engineering II 

Construction of mechanical and electrical systems in major buildings; fire protection, sound control, elevatoring; trade coordination; manufacturers' developments; computer application. 
Prerequisite: AE 309AE 475  

AE 481WComprehensive Architectural Engineering Senior Project I 

Building project selection and preparation of overall plan; preliminary investigation of building design and construction issues; creation of individual Capstone Project Electronic Portfolio (CPEP) and project proposal required. 
Prerequisite: ARCH 441 fifth-year architectural engineering standing in major area of emphasis  

AE 482Comprehensive Architectural Engineering Senior Project II 

Continuation of AE 481W. Engineering analysis of building systems; emphasis on analysis and design of building structural, mechanical, lighting/electrical, and construction related systems. Final written report, web-based project portfolio and verbal presentation are required. 
Prerequisite: AE 481W  

AE 486Professional Engineering Practice 

A study of the influences which affect the practice of architectural engineering, particularly codes, ethics, legal considerations, and contract documents. 
Prerequisite: seventh-semester standing  

AE 496Independent Studies 

Creative projects, including research and design, which are supervised on an individual basis and which fall outside the scope of formal courses.  

AE 496FStudy of Urbanization in China 

Creative projects, including research and design, which are supervised on an individual basis and which fall outside the scope of formal courses.

AE 496GBuilding Case Studies 

Creative projects, including research and design, which are supervised on an individual basis and which fall outside the scope of formal courses. 

AE 496KInternational Construction

Creative projects, including research and design, which are supervised on an individual basis and which fall outside the scope of formal courses.

AE 497Special Topics 

Formal courses given infrequently to explore, in depth, a comparatively narrow subject which may be topical or of special interest.

AE 497AAncient Rome and Medieval Structural Design 

Study of structural design employed in ancient Rome and other medieval locations. Offered on location in Rome. 

AE 498Special Topics 

Formal courses given infrequently to explore, in-depth, a comparatively narrow subject which may be topical or of special interest. 

AE 498FLeadership in Building Energy Efficiency 

This course focuses on the identification and implementation of energy efficient retuning measures for commercial buildings to detect energy saving opportunities and implement improvements. This course is intended to provide the skills necessary to conduct building retuning. 

AE 530Computer Modeling of Building Structures 

Theory and application of structural analysis using the direct stiffness method. Modeling assumptions, validation, interpretation of computer output. 
Prerequisite: AE 401AE 402 and AE 430  

AE 531: (CE 531) Legal Aspects of Engineering and Construction 

Basic legal doctrines, contractual relationships between parties, analysis of construction contract clauses, contract performance, and professional practice problems. 
Prerequisite: CE 431W  

AE 534Analysis and Design of Steel Connections 

Connection analysis and design for steel buildings with an emphasis on the AISC Specification. 
Prerequisite: AE 401 and AE 430  

AE 535Historical Structural Design Methods 

Qualitative, graphical, and quantitative methods of structural design as practiced from ancient Rome through the nineteenth century. 

AE 536Stability of Building Structures 

Elastic and inelastic buckling of beams, beam-columns, frames; applications to design of multi-story buildings. 
Prerequisite: AE 403 or CE 545  

AE 537Building Performance Failures and Forensic Techniques 

This course provides a background in identification, evaluation, and analysis of a broad set of architectural and structural performance failures.  
Prerequisite: AE 401AE 402AE 430  

AE 538: (CE 538) Earthquake Resistant Design of Buildings 

Introductory engineering seismology, basic principles of structural dynamics, application of earthquake design provisions of model building codes to design of buildings. 
Prerequisite: AE 401AE 402AE 430  

AE 542: (CE 542) Building Enclosure Science and Design

The building enclosure: nature, importance, loadings; building science: control of heat, moisture, air, hygrothermal analysis; design: walls, windows, roofs, joints.

AE 543Research Methods in Architectural Engineering 

Research skills, critical thinking, academic writing, presentations, use of electronic media, and experimental design applied to AE research topics. 

AE 551Combined Heat and Power System Design for Buildings

Thermodynamic and thermo-economic analyses methods for determination of optimal, on-site, total energy systems for commercial buildings. 
Prerequisite: AE 454AE 557 or AE 558  

AE 552Air Quality in Buildings 

Indoor air pollutants, their sources and health effects; transport of pollutants; modeling of pollutant concentration in buildings. 
Prerequisite: AE 454AE 455ME 410  

AE 553Building Energy Analysis 

Fundamentals of building energy dynamics and the simulation of energy flows in a building; validation of programs; practical applications. 
Prerequisite: AE 454AE 455 and ME 410  

AE 555Building Automation and Control Systems

Advanced techniques in the theoretical analysis and practical design of the automatic comfort controls used in building thermal systems. 
Prerequisite: AE 457  

AE 556Solar Engineering of Thermal Processes 

Advanced quantitative methods of predicting transient active and passive solar process performance with an emphasis on building solar applications. 
Prerequisite: ME 410  

AE 557Centralized Cooling Production and Distribution Systems 

Central cooling plant and distribution components and systems; thermal, hydraulic, and economic modeling for planning and design. 
Prerequisite: AE 454 ; or ME 411ME 410  

AE 558Centralized Heating Production and Distribution Systems 

Description and analysis of central heating plant and distribution components and systems; thermal and economic modeling for planning and design. 
Prerequisite: AE 454 ; or ME 411 and ME 410  

AE 559Computational Fluid Dynamics in Building Design 

Theory and applications of building environmental modeling with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). 
Prerequisite: AE 454ME 410  

AE 561Science of Light Sources 

In-depth scientific principles of light generation in modem electric light sources, and the resultant characteristics that influence their use for buildings.  
Prerequisite: AE 461  

AE 562Luminous Flux Transfer 

Radiative transfer applied to lighting analysis; methods for computing direct and interreflected illumination; nearfield photometry. 
Prerequisite: AE 461CMPSC 201 or CMPSC 202  

AE 563Luminaire Optics 

Optical design of reflectors and refractors for lighting systems; manufacturing methods. 
Prerequisite: AE 464  

AE 565Daylighting

Design concepts, solar position, sky luminance distribution models, integration of daylighting and electric lighting controls, physical modeling, computer analysis techniques. 
Prerequisite: AE 461  

AE 569Research Topics in Illumination Engineering

Seminar on prior and current research in illumination engineering which define current recommendations and design practice. 
Prerequisite: or concurrent: AE 461  

AE 570Production Management in Construction

Applications of production management tools to capital facility projects; theory of production systems in construction; development of production control manual.  
Prerequisite: AE 475AE 476 or CE 432  

AE 571International Construction Management and Planning 

Evaluation of international project environments and participants, modeling and planning international projects.  
Prerequisite: AE 570  

AE 572Project Development and Delivery Planning

Methods employed by owners and developers to initiate capital facility projects; defining project objectives, constraints, participants, financing, and delivery methods. 
Prerequisite: AE 475AE 476 or CE 432  

AE 573Strategic Management in Construction 

Analysis tools and principles for design of effective construction organizations' strategy and structure in various markets. 
Prerequisite: AE 372AE 475  

AE 579Sustainable Building Project Leadership 

Examines leadership skill sets, team competencies, and strategic methods for leading sustainable building construction projects and retrofits. 

AE 581Facilities Management Information Systems

Examines the information systems necessary to effectively lead and manage a facility management organization. 

AE 590Colloquium

Continuing seminars which consist of a series of individual lectures by faculty, students, or outside speakers. 

AE 594Research Topics 

Supervised student activities on research projects identified on an individual or small group basis. 

AE 596Individual Studies 

Creative projects, including nonthesis research, which are supervised on an individual basis and which fall outside the scope of formal courses. 

AE 597Special Topics 

Formal courses given on a topical or special interest subject which may be offered infrequently; several different topics may be taught in one year or semester.  

AE 598Special Topics 

Formal courses given on a topical or special interest subject which may be offered infrequently.  

AE 600Thesis Research 

AE 601Ph.D. Dissertation Full-Time 

AE 602Supervised Experience in College Teaching 

Supervised experience in teaching and orientation to other selected aspects of the professional at the Pennsylvania State University. 

AE 603Foreign Academic Experience

Foreign study and/or research constituting progress toward the degree at a foreign university. 

AE 610Thesis Research Off Campus 

AE 611Ph.D. Dissertation Part-Time 

AE 862Distributed Energy Planning and Management 

Theories and practices of distributed energy production and management in the context of regional and integrated energy grid structures. 

AE 868Commercial Solar Electric Systems 

Theories and practices of solar electric systems including component selection, performance simulation, grid interconnection, codes, and design documentation.

AE 878Solar Project Development and Finance (3) Economic analysis of solar energy projects, project development process, energy policies, finance methods, and economic analysis tools. 
Effective: Summer 2013 

AE 880Facility Energy Management 

Course examines fundamentals of energy supply, use and management related to the operation of buildings.

AE 881Effective Facility Management and Planning

Course examines management skills necessary to effectively lead and manage a facility management organization. 

AE 897Special Topics 

Formal courses given on a topical or special interest subject which may be offered infrequently; several different topics may be taught in one year or semester. 



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