Architectural Engineering Mentoring Program

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The Architectural Engineering Alumni Mentoring Program focuses on pairing second-year students in the Department of Architectural Engineering (AE) with alumni for professional development and mentorship, but the program is open to all AE students.

Registration for both alumni mentors and current students is accepted through the second week of classes each fall and mentoring pairs are matched shortly thereafter, at the beginning of the fall semester.

The program encourages engagement between the AE students and alumni, while providing students with opportunities to learn about the architecture, engineering, and construction industry, and build key industry connections. It also facilitates the professional development of AE students by providing them with guidance, counsel, and external resources familiar with the AE curriculum and industry opportunities.

The Industrial and Professional Advisory Council (IPAC), the Alumni Society of Architectural Engineers (ASAE), and the Student Society of Architectural Engineers (SSAE) jointly sponsor and run the Architectural Engineering Alumni Mentoring Program.

Become a Mentor

To become a mentor, please register here. Based on your educational background, career path, professional interests and hobbies, the program organizers will match you with a current AE student. To prepare for a mutually beneficial mentoring experience, students and mentors alike are encouraged to participate in all aspects of the mentoring program after registering.

Once paired, mentors work with their student mentees to create a mentoring work plan, starting with identifying goals for the mentoring relationship. Mentors will also offer guidance for specific AE class assignments designed to encourage collaboration between students and their mentors. In addition to these structured engagements, mentors are encouraged to support their mentees in professional networking and finding summer internships. At the end of each academic year, students and mentors will complete brief evaluations to help us understand how the program and relationship developed and help us improve the program in future years.

Please register today and use this opportunity to get personally involved in developing our industry’s next generation of engineers!



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