Architectural Engineering Mentoring Program: Current Students


Current students in the Penn State Department of Architectural Engineering (AE) are encouraged to register for the Architectural Engineering Alumni Mentoring Program, which pairs them with alumni mentors. The formal mentoring program is planned for one academic year; however, mentor-mentee pairs are encouraged to continue their relationship as students develop toward their professional careers.

Registration for both alumni mentors and current students is accepted through the second week of classes each fall and mentoring pairs are matched shortly thereafter, at the beginning of the fall semester.

The program encourages engagement between the AE students and alumni, while providing students with opportunities to learn about the architecture, engineering, and construction industry, and build key industry connections. It also provides you with an opportunity for professional development by providing guidance, counsel, and networking opportunities. Specific goals and objectives for students at various stages in their academic career are as follows:

For first- and second-year AE students:

  • Help students better understand the AE options:
    • Mechanical
    • Lighting/Electrical
    • Structural
    • Construction
  • Raise awareness for potential career paths,
  • Provide group guidance and support related to find an internship or summer employment (prospecting, interviewing, resume, and portfolio preparation),
  • Provide real-world examples and insights about work in the architecture, engineering, and construction professions, the job market, and industry trends.

For third-, fourth-, and fifth-year AE students:

  • Provide one-on-one guidance and support as you consider your career path,
  • Provide advice and recommendations related to the academic and professional development,
  • Provide one-on-one guidance and support related to getting an internship, summer employment, or full-time job (prospecting, interviewing, résumé and portfolio prep),
  • Facilitate access to mentor’s network of industry contacts.

Match with a Mentor

To be paired with a mentor, please register here. Based on your career ambitions, professional interests and hobbies, the program organizers will match you with an alumni mentor. To prepare for a mutually beneficial mentoring experience, students and mentors alike are encouraged to participate in all aspects of the mentoring program after registering.

Once paired, students are expected to work with their mentors to create a mentoring work plan to identify three goals for the mentoring relationship. Students will also collaborate with their mentors on specific AE class assignments. At the end of each academic year, students and mentors will complete evaluations. This information will be used to improve the program as needed.



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