Architectural Engineering Graduate Student Directory

Photo of Abdulrahman Aljuhani

Abdulrahman Aljuhani

Photo of Baraa Alkhatatbeh

Baraa Alkhatatbeh

Photo of Elnaz Asadian

Elnaz Asadian

Photo of Sagata Bhawani

Sagata Bhawani

Photo of Jonathan Broyles

Jonathan Broyles

Photo of Stephanie Bunt

Stephanie Bunt

Photo of Craig Casey

Craig Casey

Photo of Adway Das

Adway Das

Photo of Qiuhua Duan

Qiuhua Duan

Photo of Goncalo Duarte

Goncalo Duarte

Photo of Sepideh Ebad Sichani

Sepideh Ebad Sichani

Photo of Azzah Eskandrani

Azzah Eskandrani

Photo of Yanxiao Feng

Yanxiao Feng

Photo of Moad Gadi

Moad Gadi

Photo of Zahra Ghorbani

Zahra Ghorbani

Photo of Joshua Harkins

Joshua Harkins

Photo of Zhanwei He

Zhanwei He

Photo of Laura Hinkle

Laura Hinkle

Photo of Zhouqian Jiang

Zhouqian Jiang

Photo of Ali Karji

Ali Karji

Photo of Yumna Kurdi

Yumna Kurdi

Photo of Samantha Leonard

Samantha Leonard

Photo of Xinyi Li

Xinyi Li

Photo of Xinyan Liu

Xinyan Liu

Photo of Yizhi Liu

Yizhi Liu

Photo of Austin McClymonds

Austin McClymonds

Photo of Daniele Melo Santos Paulino

Daniele Melo Santos Paulino

Photo of Homeira Mirhosseini

Homeira Mirhosseini

Photo of Mohammad Moeini

Mohammad Moeini

Photo of Milad Sadat Mohammadi

Milad Sadat Mohammadi

Photo of Michael Narcis

Michael Narcis

Photo of Morteza Nazari-Heris

Morteza Nazari-Heris

Photo of Amit Ojha

Amit Ojha

Photo of David Orense

David Orense

Photo of Seongjun Park

Seongjun Park

Photo of Gen Pei

Gen Pei

Photo of Roumany Phan

Roumany Phan

Photo of Zane Rusk

Zane Rusk

Photo of Muhammad Rakeh Saleem

Muhammad Rakeh Saleem

Photo of Jacob Seiler

Jacob Seiler

Photo of Amin Sepehri Moghaddam

Amin Sepehri Moghaddam

Photo of Shahrad Shakerian

Shahrad Shakerian

Photo of Shayan Shayesteh

Shayan Shayesteh

Photo of Yuzhu Shi

Yuzhu Shi

Photo of Wangyang Song

Wangyang Song

Photo of Siddharth Swaminathan

Siddharth Swaminathan

Photo of Mary Taylor

Mary Taylor

Photo of Brandon Ulmer

Brandon Ulmer

Photo of Shuyuan Wang

Shuyuan Wang

Photo of Nan Wang

Nan Wang

Photo of Xiaohui Wang

Xiaohui Wang

Photo of Sophia Welch

Sophia Welch

Photo of Elise Westhoff

Elise Westhoff

Photo of Zhengyu Wu

Zhengyu Wu

Photo of Chen Xia

Chen Xia

Photo of Xinyue Xu

Xinyue Xu

Photo of Qin Yin

Qin Yin

Photo of Laura Jun Chee Yong

Laura Jun Chee Yong

Photo of Min Gyung Yu

Min Gyung Yu

Photo of Enhe Zhang

Enhe Zhang



Widely acknowledged as one of the top Architectural Engineering programs in the world, the Penn State AE Department is dedicated to providing outstanding academic excellence to all of our students. The AE program is focused on preparing students and conducting research in the design, engineering, and construction of building projects.

Department of Architectural Engineering

104 Engineering Unit A

The Pennsylvania State University

University Park, PA 16802

Phone: 814-865-6394