ASAE Mentoring Program

As part of its mission to give back to the architectural engineering department, ASAE collaborates with the Student Society of Architectural Engineers (SSAE) on a 4th year mentoring program. This program pairs 4th-year students, who have registered to be part of the program, with ASAE mentors. Mentors are paired with students by the department based on responses to an online survey. The mentoring opportunity provides students with access to industry professionals. Mentors are able to share their experiences and guide the future of the profession at a personal level.

During the last two years, we have had tremendous success in growing the program capping off this academic year with 47 mentor/mentee matches.  This means that every student that wanted to participate in the program was matched with an industry member like yourself.  We had so many volunteers that we had to turn alumni away which is truly a mark of a successful program.

That being said, with the evolving needs of the students in this ever-changing career field, we’ve decided to restructure the mentoring program.  We met with student leaders within the Architectural Engineering department and encouraged them to garner feedback from their fellow students about what they would ideally like to gain from a mentoring relationship and what could look like.  With the feedback we received, we have been working hard to develop a program that would meet the needs of our students while fitting into the busy lives of industry.

The plan for the new program will still involve a “Call For Mentors” in the summer between academic years usually around late June or early July.  The call will ask for volunteers that would be willing to be within a group of mentors that wouldn’t be assigned to a student specifically but would be an open resource to be called upon for specific events.  We will ask for availability from mentors to participate in one or all of the following ways:

  • To participate as a guest speaker (in person or virtually through skype) at monthly Student Society of Architectural Engineers meetings on topics that would be given ahead of time or open discussion.
  • To be available for students who are requesting a more traditional mentorship that would either be a single time one on one discussion or possibly last throughout a school year or beyond.  This would be up to the mentor and mentee and would be as formal as the pair decides.
  • To volunteer at one (or all!) of four specific events to be planned throughout the year on campus: a career fair seminar, a presentation/discussion on evaluating job offers to 5th-year students, the Options Conference, and a seminar on women in the workforce.

Throughout this new model for mentorship between students and alumni, we are hoping to accomplish a broader base of students that are able to benefit (not just third year students) from the program as well as encourage all students and industry members to participate, those who benefit from traditional membership and those who are looking for less traditional contact.



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