EwingCole Special Lecture

As a physical testament to true architectural and engineering integration, EwingCole will present the recently constructed Zero Net Energy headquarters for United Therapeutics. United Therapeutics, a biotech company, develops innovative drug therapies with the core mission of saving lives. Therefore, the design of this building, named Unisphere, was informed by the organization’s belief that a company focused on saving lives must minimize its impact on the environment.

Unisphere proves that high performance and high design can coexist, and one does not need to be sacrificed at the expense of the other. It serves as an inspiration for others to emulate, and as evidence that such aspirations can be accomplished. These sustainable strategies include:

  • Over 3,000 solar or photovoltaic panels that generate 1,175 MWH of energy each year – enough to power 100 homes
  • A quarter-mile-long concrete maze located twelve feet underground to naturally moderate atrium temperature
  • A closed-loop, dual-circuited geo-exchange system to provide efficient heating and cooling
  • Integrated building automation systems
  • 100% daylighting in regularly occupied spaces
  • Operable windows that provide natural ventilation and energy conservation as conditions allow.

This lecture will discuss elements of the design relevant to architecture, structural, electrical, lighting, mechanical, and construction management. Several Penn State alumni contributed significantly to this project.



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