Students studying abroad

Study Abroad Eligibility

The architectural engineering study abroad summer programs are open to all regularly enrolled Penn State architectural engineering undergraduate students. Applicants must have a cumulative grade-point average of at least 2.50, be in good academic standing and show evidence of maturity, stability, adaptability, self-discipline, and strong academic motivation.

Students may extend their abroad experience through personally arranged travel after the conclusion of the program.

Student participants must participate in all informational and instructional sessions during the academic year at University Park. These sessions are considered part of the academic requirements. Failure to participate in these sessions may result in the student being withdrawn from the program and at the student's own financial disadvantage.

Rome Course Prerequisites 

The Rome study abroad program is designed for architectural engineering students that have completed at least the second year of the AE program - specifically prospective candidates for the integrated B.A.E./M.A.E. or B.A.E./M.S. program.

Prerequisites include:

Study Abroad in China

Study Abroad in Rome

For more information about AE study abroad eligibility, contact:

Moses Ling



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