Residential Construction Minor

The objective of the Residential Construction Minor is to provide an opportunity for students to gain an understanding of the residential building construction topics and issues with emphasis on sustainable land development, design and construction of residential buildings, as well as construction management of residential projects.

Residential building construction is a unique interdisciplinary field that draws upon civil and architectural engineering, architecture, real estate, management, finance, and marketing disciplines, and design principles including economical, safe, and serviceable structural design, green building systems design, sustainable land development, and construction management.

This minor is expected to be primarily of interest to students from Civil and Environmental Engineering, Architectural Engineering, and Architecture majors, but students from other majors can also enroll in this minor. This minor will help students to increase their competitiveness for employment in the residential market and construction industry.

Minor Requirements

The Minor consists of 22 credits: 10 required credits and 12 additional credits. The 12 additional credits are based on four (4) tracks: Architectural Engineering, Architecture, Civil Engineering, and All Other Majors.

A grade of C or better is required in all courses in the minor. Students must also maintain at least a 2.0 GPA.

Minor-Required Courses

ALL 10 credits required. Suggested semester: 5-8

Track-Required Courses

Only 12 credits required. Suggested semester: 3-8

Architectural Engineering


Civil Engineering

All Other Majors



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