Structural Faculty

Thomas Boothby
Research Areas: Historic preservation; assessment of unreinforced masonry structures, including medieval structures, masonry arches, and masonry bridges; bridge assessment; architectural structural systems structural emphasis

Linda Hanagan
Associate Professor
Research Areas: Structural design and analysis of building systems, structural dynamics and control, experiemental testing, serviceability of building structures with emphasis on floor vibration, analysis and design of steel connections including SMF connections

Paul Kremer
Research Associate
Research Areas: Indoor air quality; evaluation and design of air cleaning devices/materials for gas phase, particulate and biological contaminant removal; full-scale building enclosure mock-up testing for multi-hazard resistance; nondestructive evaluation of building components

Ali Memari
Professor, Bernard and Henrietta Hankin Chair in Residential Building Construction and Director of PHRC
Research Areas: Residential and commercial building envelope systems evaluation; building science and energy efficiency; full-scale testing of glass curtain wall, light-frame, masonry, and panelized wall systems; evaluation of building structural and non-structural envelope systems under natural hazard and environmental load effects

Kevin Parfitt
Research Areas: Building failures and damage assessment, architectural and structural systems performance, building facades and enclosures, dissemination of failures information, forensic information modeling (FIM)

Aly Said
Associate Professor
Research Areas: Seismic behavior, design and retrofit of RC structures; finite element modeling of RC structures and use of FRP in RC; knowledge based systems in structural engineering; structural behavior of SCC; nano-particles use in concrete materials; materials recycling in concrete



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