Mechanical Faculty

William Bahnfleth
Professor and Director of Architectural Engineering Indoor Environmental Center
Research Areas: HVAC system efficiency, district cooling, thermal storage, indoor air quality, ultraviolet germicidal irradiation, HVAC design, district heating and cooling, indoor air quality

James Freihaut
Research Areas: Indoor air quality and building science, enclosed space air quality issues, system constraints on air treatment/filtration solutions, HVAC fundamentals, building load and energy simulation; high performance building

Paul Kremer
Research Associate
Research Areas: Indoor air quality; evaluation and design of air cleaning devices/materials for gas phase, particulate and biological contaminant removal; full-scale building enclosure mock-up testing for multi-hazard resistance; nondestructive evaluation of building components

Moses Ling
Associate Professor
Research Areas: Integrated building solutions, building energy efficiency, building environmental systems mechanical emphasis, architectural acoustics

Donghyun Rim
James L. Henderson Jr. Memorial Assistant Professor
Research Areas: Building environmental system, indoor air quality, aerosol dynamics, occupant's health and productivity, low energy buildings, sensor technologies

Stephen Treado
Associate Professor

Michelle Vigeant
Assistant Professor
Research Areas: Architectural acoustics, specifically room acoustics, measurement parameters, and computer modeling; sound perception and listener envelopment in room acoustics quality and design



Widely acknowledged as one of the top Architectural Engineering programs in the world, the Penn State AE Department is dedicated to providing outstanding academic excellence to all of our students. The AE program is focused on preparing students and conducting research in the design, engineering, and construction of building projects.

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