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Ryan Solnosky

Assistant Research Professor


  • Architectural Engineering
  • School of Engineering Design, Technology and Professional Programs
  • Engineering Design

104 Engineering Unit A


Research Areas:

Building Structural Systems

Interest Areas:




  • Integrated BAE/MAE, Architectural Engineering, Penn State University, 2009
  • Ph D, Archtiectural Engineering, Penn State University, 2013


Journal Articles

  • Ryan L. Solnosky, 2015, "Analytical, Communication, and Information Technology Directions in the Structural Industry"
  • A. Memari, R. L. Solnosky and H. J. Stallworth, 2015, "Behavior of a Reinforced Brick Veneer Over Steel Studs Wall Panel System", Practice Periodical on Structural Design and Construction, pp. 20
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  • Ali M Memari, Lisa D Iulo, Ryan L. Solnosky and Chris Shultz, , "Building Integrated Photovoltaic Systems for Single Family Dwellings-Efficiency and Innovation Concepts", 4, (2), pp. 102-119
  • Ali M Memari and Ryan L. Solnosky, , "Shear Strength of Drywall Sheathed Wood Shear walls with Different Joint Enhancements", 4, (1), pp. 54-70

Conference Proceedings

  • Ryan L. Solnosky and M. Kevin Parfitt, 2016, "Shear wall Design in Residential Construction: A Comparison of Methods", PHRC
  • Ryan L. Solnosky, C Cox, S. Wing and D. Goldberg, 2015, "Interdepartmental Collaborative Design Studio with an Energy Education Focus"
  • Ryan L. Solnosky and M. Kevin Parfitt, 2015, "A Curriculum Approach to Deploying BIM in Architectural Engineering"
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  • Ryan L. Solnosky and A/ Memari, 2015, "Sustainability Metrics for Efficient and Innovative Residential Building Wall Systems"
  • Ryan L. Solnosky, 2013, "Current Status of BIM Benefits, Challenges, and the Future Potential for the Structural Community", ASCE Structures Congress 2013
  • Ryan L. Solnosky, 2013, "Process Modeling focusing on Interdisciplinary Design relating to Structural Design and Construction", 2013 Architectural Engineering Institute Conference
  • M. K. Parfitt, R. Holland and Ryan L. Solnosky, 2013, "Results of a Pilot Multidisciplinary BIM-Enhanced Integrated Project Delivery Capstone Engineering Design Course in Architectural Engineering at Penn State", 2013 Architectural Engineering Institute Conference
  • L. Jiang, Ryan L. Solnosky and R. Leicht, 2013, "Virtual Prototyping for Constructability Review", 2013 CSCE Conference Construction: 4th Construction Specialty Conference Track


  • R. Solnosky and M. Kevin Parfitt, , "Delivery Methods for a Multi-disciplinary Architectural Engineering Capstone Design Course", Architectural Engineering and Design Management, pp. 15


  • Ryan L. Solnosky, 2013, "Feasibility Assessment of Virtual and Augmented Reality for Structural Applications"

Research Projects

  • July 2016 - May 2018, "A multi-disciplinary Approach to Building Codes," (Sponsor: The Raymond A. Bowers Foundation).
  • August 2016 - July 2017, "Multi-disciplinary evaluation of structural wall systems for market selection," (Sponsor: NCMA and PCMA Foundation with HUD).
  • April 2016 - April 2016, "Engineers Can Build Too: Masonry Edition," (Sponsor: PACMA).
  • September 2015 - December 2016, "Scenario-Based Learning Modules for Teaching Complex Building Code Topics," (Sponsor: Leonhard Center).
  • September 2015 - September 2016, "SCIA Engineer Software Acquisition," (Sponsor: Nemetschek Scia).
  • September 2016 - September 2016, "SCIA Engineer Software Acquisition," (Sponsor: Nemetschek Scia).
  • July 2014 - September 2015, "BIM Academic Guide," (Sponsor: The Raymond A. Bowers Foundation).
  • July 2014 - June 2015, "Shear wall Opportunities in Residential Construction," (Sponsor: PHRC).

Honors and Awards

  • ASCE Exceed Early Teaching Award, ASCE, February 2015
  • Recoganized as a Top downloaded Paper between 2013-2015, ASCE Structures Congress, May 2015
  • Distinguished Faculty Juror, Penn State University, May 2014 - May 2014
  • ACI Walter P. Moore Jr. Faculty Achievement Award, ACI, October 2016


Service to Penn State:

  • Member, NAAB Accreditation Taskforce for M.Arch, August 2016 - September 2016
  • Member, NAAB Accreditation Taskforce for M.Arch, April 2015 - October 2015
  • Faculty, Faculty Marshall, Penn State, May 2016
  • Faculty, Member, 5yr Strategic Planning Retreat, January 2015
  • Liaison, Member, Structural Concentration Group within Civil Engineering, August 2014

Service to External Organizations:

  • Committee Member, Conference Organizing Advisory Council, TMS Engineering Solutions for Sustainability: Materials & Resources Conference, February 2014 - July 2015
  • Committee Member, Building Integration Modeling, August 2013 - August 2015
  • Contributor, Building Information Modeling, May 2014
  • Committee Member, ACI 118: Digital Technology, March 2014
  • Committee Member, ACI 131: BIM for Concrete Structures, August 2011
  • Committee Member, DC-110: Building Information Modeling, May 2012
  • Chairperson, Building Integration Modeling, August 2015



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