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Richard Mistrick

Associate Professor


  • Architectural Engineering

104 Engineering Unit A


Research Areas:

Building Illumination Systems

Interest Areas:

Lighting and daylight system analysis and design, Optical design, Lighting system quality metrics; Architectural engineering graduate program officer.





Parts of Book

  • Richard G Mistrick, 2011, IES Lighting Handbook, Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, New York, NY
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Journal Articles

  • Madhu Sudan and G N Tiwari, 2017, "Climate-Based Daylight Modeling (CBDM) for an atrium: An experimentally validated novel daylight performance", Solar Energy
  • Richard G Mistrick, Craig A Casey, Ling Chen and Sarith Subramaniam, 2015, "Computer Modeling of Daylight-Integrated Photocontrol of Electric Lighting Systems", Buildings, 5
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Conference Proceedings

  • Richard G Mistrick and Reza Sadeghi, 2017, "Optimization of Modeling Parameters for Trees in Daylighting Simulations", University Park, United States
  • Richard G Mistrick and Sarith Subramaniam, 2017, "A More Accurate Approach for calculating Illuminance with Daylight Coefficients"
  • Richard G Mistrick and Sarith Subramaniam, 2016, "Incorporating adjustable external shading systems in annual daylighting simulations: A prototypical study", Illuminating Engineering Society, New York, NY, USA
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  • Richard G Mistrick and Reza Sadeghi, , "The Impact of Level of Detail in Modeling the Exterior Surround in Daylight Simulations"


  • Richard G Mistrick, 2005, "Paper Discussion for "The Potential of Simplified Concepts for Daylight Harvesting"", Lighting Research & Technology, 37, (1), pp. 38-39

Research Projects

  • November 2015 - January 2016, "Photosensor Measurement," (Sponsor: Lutron Electronics).
  • June 2015 - September 2016, "Impacts of High Reflectance Flooring Materials in Healthcare and Retail Applications," (Sponsor: Armstrong World Industries).
  • May 2015 - April 2016, "Consortium for Building Energy Innovation (CBEI) - Task 3.1 OpenStudio Enhancements," (Sponsor: U.S. Department of Energy).
  • May 2014 - April 2015, "Consortium for Building Energy Innovation (CBEI)," (Sponsor: U.S. Department of Energy).

Honors and Awards

  • AEI Student Competition, Architectural Engineering Institute, August 2015 - April 2016
  • 2015 AEI Student Design Competition - instructor for PSU Team that was the National Runner-up in Lighting/Electrical Category, Architectural Engineering Institute (AEI), April 2015
  • Howard Brandston Student Design Education Grant (Instructor for 2nd Place Team), IES, November 2015


Service to Penn State:

  • Member, Executive Committee, August 2014 - June 2016
  • Member, Promotion and Tenure Committee (P & T) (Substitute Member 2015), August 2015 - December 2015
  • Member, Promotion and Tenure Committee (P & T) (Elected 2014-15), August 2012 - August 2015
  • Member, Undergraduate Studies Committee, 2014
  • Advisor, AE Students in Schreyer Honors College, Schreyer Honors College, August 2009
  • Member, Continuing and Distance Education Task Force, August 2009
  • Advisor, Illumination Engineering Society (IES), August 2008
  • Coordinator, Option Thesis - Lighting/Electrical, August 2014
  • Member, Graduate Studies Committee, August 2014
  • Administrator, AE Graduate Program Officer, July 2016
  • Advisor, MAE Program - Lighting/Electrical, Master of Architectural Engineering, August 2008
  • Member, Instructional Equipment and Resources Committee, August 2009
  • Chairperson, Scholarship and Awards Committee, August 2009
  • Committee Member, AE Department Head Search Committee, November 2017
  • Elected COE RepresentativeGraduate Council, September 2017
  • Committee Member, Provost's IUG Task Force, December 2017
  • Committee Member, Standing Joint Committee for General Education Assessment, December 2017
  • Committee Member, The Graduate School, Joint Committee on Curriculum and Programs, September 2017

Service to External Organizations:

  • Chairperson, IES Board of Fellows, July 2014 - 2017
  • Paper Session Chair (2 sessions)November 2015 - November 2015
  • Organizer, Organizer, August 2015 - August 2015
  • , IES, Nomenclature Committee, January 2006
  • Chairperson, IES, Conference Papers Committee, January 2009
  • Member, IES, Daylight Metrics Subcommittee, January 2006
  • Member, IES, Daylighting Committee, January 2007
  • Member, IES, Conference Steering Committee, January 2009



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