Career Fair Name Badges and Class Excuse Letter

Name Badge 

Instructions for Creating Your Own Custom AE Career Fair Name Badge

Please use the template provided to print out your name tag. Pre-printed name tags will NOT be available at the AE Career Fair. Name badge holders/lanyards will be available at the student registration table at the Career Fair.

Download the name badge template.

  • Edit and fill in the name badge template with your name and any descriptors you like relative to your area of specialization or type of position you are looking for (Structural Option, 3rd Year AE, Civil Engineering Graduate Student, etc.).
  • Feel free to customize the tag as you prefer, but make sure your name is displayed prominently.
  • Print out the form on plain white paper.
  • Cut out the name tag. 
  • Bring your custom badge to the Jordan Center on the day of the AE Career Fair.
  • Go direct to the Student Registration Table just inside GATE B where you will be able to pick up a plastic badge holder. Place your name badge in the holder. Use the spring clip on the plastic holder or optional lanyard provided to wear the badge during the event.
  • Be sure to print your badge in advance and remember to bring it (along with copies of your resume) to the Career Fair. There will NOT be an opportunity to print custom badges at the career fair. There will be paper forms that you can hand letter if you forget your badge or if you prefer not to use this form.

Class Excuse Letter

Download the class excuse letter.



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